Top 5 Best Food delivery apps in india

Top 5 Best Food delivery apps in india

Everybody loves to eat and when we get on-time delivery with fresh and hot serving then it feels like a king as good food and good experience makes a memory. These days kitchen is becoming micro kitchen as everybody is working and no one has time to cook and wait for food to be prepared at home so everyone prefers to get their plate delivered by best restaurant near to their home and office. And, to resolve this issue we have many different applications to order our food from. As they segregate them on the basis of area, category, ratings, quality of food served, prompt delivery service, different selection of food dishes from North Indian to South Indian, from continental to regional, from desserts to drinks all just a click away with different payment options availability and in fact sometimes they provide self-pickup facility as well which is a plus point for those who want to pick their food on their own.

Top 5 Best Food Delivery Apps in India

This first app which tops our list is


Source – India Times

Zomato provides many options to order food online in fact they also provide an option to select several different offers and then apply those promo codes at the time of checkout so that the user can order food with an additional discount and this feature is attracting more and more users to order from this application as it is resolving so many issues at a time which a user experience while ordering food online in short we can say they made it easier to order food online without any hassle.
They provide options to –
Repeat your previous order so that you don’t need to search for your favorite restaurant again and if you want to eat that dish again you don’t need to search for the menu again and again. See, How cool and easy it is..
Thy show popular cuisines and restaurants near to your area so that you can quickly decide what to eat and from where you want to eat.
Zomato also shows what are the trending brands so that if you want to try something authentic and trending then this option is available when you are in a mood to eat trending food.
What else they offer apart from this is: Safely Sealed food so that food will remain hygienic and safe while it is coming to end user from the time it is prepared, Express Delivery for those who don’t have time and want their food at the given time, great offers who want best deals with several different restaurants registered with Zomato, trending places for an experiment, new arrivals for new tastes and for those who want to eat from different places and prefer change.
They also offer Zomato Gold membership plan where they give two options Starter and Annual in starter plan one can choose Gold service for three times at partner restaurant of zomato at rupees 67 per unlock and for annual plan unlimited unlocks at any partner restaurants for rupees 84 per month.

Ratings of this app: 4.3


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Swiggy is also one of the top food delivery app when you consider ordering food online as they provide a wide range of restaurants listed on the app and a huge selection of different flavors and food with a great delivery option at your doorstep.

They will first ask you to login on the app for secure account through your mobile phone and then they ask for otp to verify your account and then they will ask for device location so that they can deliver it promptly at your location.

These days they provide Swiggy POP that gives a meals without any extra charges, delivery charges and with this option they give you an option to select a dish which you loves the most from the menu and it is not restricted to veggie lovers they also list non- veg dishes for non-veg lovers and for those who wanted a budget buy they provide various dishes under rupees 99.

Swiggy Exclusive option
This option leaves you with top restaurant in the city where you live and those restaurants which are exclusively present only on swiggy and a filter option to choose the one you want to order from.

Restaurant which care about you and give you different offers to choose
They give an option to select the restaurants which offers best deals near to your location.

Free Delivery

For those who want their meal free from delivery charges. They don’t want their users to be unhappy just because there is no option to select free delivery for what they want ot eat so they have segregated those restaurant who want to deliver food without any extra delivery charges.

Express delivery

For those who don’t have time to wait for delivery and want their food at asap. This option gives them a facility to get their food within 30 minutes or less than this limit.
This option is most loved among corporate professionals as it doesn’t waste their precious time and make their food available as per their time frame.

Premium Option

For those who want to get a king feel while having their food. They provide an option to select from the restaurants who gives a lasting impression with their food quality by providing deluxe food choices and memories with premium selection.


People eat and give reviews on food and restaurant quality in this social media world everybody believes in reviews and ratings as it shows how many people have already eaten there and how popular that restaurant is. Ratings also gives an idea that how good or bad a restaurant is on different levels of observation and test. Swiggy created a separate list of top-rated restaurants selected by users and given this opportunity to other users to select a restaurant from this list.

Newly Launched

This option is for those who are not afraid of experiment and wanted to try new dishes every time they order.

Meal Box

This option is for those who want a complete meal box which has every thing in appropriate quantity so that they don’t miss out on necessary food items and nutriants which a body require on daily basis this is a good option for those who are not married yet and living far from their family and wanted complete meal eperience just like their home.

Veg Only

For those who comes under pure-veg category and want to eat food only from pur-veg restaurants. As Swiggy care about them which is the reason why they have created a separate option for pure-vegetarian diet followers.

Healthy Bites

These days everybody is health conscious and want to eat only healthy and body friendly food. Nobody wanted to add fat on their body as it is very difficult to reduce weight once it is increased. So, this option is the best if you want to order food and at the same time you want to eat healthy.


Stay in budget and fill your tummy this is the thought swiggy applied for those who are studying or a fresher and want to spend less on food while ordering it from outside as they don’t have time to prepare it. This option is the best choice for these users.
Ratings for this app: 4.2

Uber Eats

Source – Uber Eats

In Ubereats they will ask you to make an account with them in beginning for better food and restaurant recommendations as per your choice. It is a budget-friendly food delivery application and popular among all the bachelors and students. They provide an option to order food online and to get it under 20 minutes which is a nice option when you want food really fast at your doorstep in your budget.
They also give a good collection of restaurants on the app which are popular near to your location. For dessert and sweet lovers they have different an option to choose from that are Summer coolers, wide variety of choices in pizzas, veg and non-veg burgers, delicious sandwich in various flavors. They give different promo code application offers, many payment options, help and setting option for each user.

Ratings of this app: 4.2

Fresh Menu

Fresh Menu
Source – Safer Kid

Just like we want our food fresh as the name of this app suggests they serve fresh food and whatever dish you select from the menu they offer straight from the kitchen to your delivery address. For those who are ordering for the first time they give 30% off and free delivery. They have an option to select from the menu that changes daily as there are some people who want to eat something different and new every time they order online and this is the best option for those which is just a click away.

Some like to eat global menu from the comfort of their office, home, friends home, home party.
They offer different payment methods for users convenience as delay in payment will lead to abandoned cart and they don’t want to give a negative experience to their users. They provide various filter options to choose from as they know people want some specific choice and sometimes they have a particular mood to eat certain dish/meal and they made it easier by introducing this option in the app.
When we are hungry we want food to get food as early as possible so they also provide their users with live tracking of their order and exact time at which the delivery agent will come and deliver. They also offer membership plan and if you order food on a regular basis and want it in budget-friendly and tasty then this will be a good option for you. At this point they deliver only in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurgaon. Users can also schedule the delivery of their order which is unique and very helpful facility for users and do not forget about their referral offer where you can refer this app and you will get rupees 100 when your friend will place their first order.

Ratings of this app: 4.2

Food Panda

Food panda
Source – Google

Next app which has made a place in our list is Food Panda and this application also good at what they do that is delivering food through online medium. They have a wide range of restaurants listed on their application so that you can choose the favorite restaurant from your favorite area. As per your taste and choice they provide highly recommended food and restaurants and they take care of good quality and freshness of food.
Many restaurants and many menus as menus are the best way to decide on what you want to order, ingredients are as per your choice and need or not as some people have allergy from some stuff so they give menu with detailed dish ingredients. And, this is the best option as per my understanding as it is one of the most demanding and popular option among audience and user of the app.
Live tracking made it easy as sometimes we have home parties and we want our order to come on time and at the right place in the given time-frame. Sometimes, we want to place our order through cash on delivery method and sometimes we want card payment so they give different options as per your need as they know how important each payment method is.
They help you save a lot sometimes more than you think as they know what budget means for their users by offering various deals, quick and easy checkouts, simple app navigation, coupons, discounts and exciting vouchers.
For online payment one can choose any of these: Paytm, PhonePe, Mobikwik, UPi or Freecharge and for offline payment you can choose cash on delivery but at the time of placing order one need to select it.

Ratings for this app: 3.2

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